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Letter from the Creative Director – December 2018

Creative Director | Eat Local Magazine 2018 | eatlocalmagazine.ca | Heather Muse

This article was originally published in Eat Local Magazine Issue #1 | Winter 2018 | Subscribe Here

Welcome to Issue #1 of Eat Local Magazine – Edmonton! After months of work, we’re excited to launch our very first issue, full of fantastic small businesses all making their mark on Edmonton. It’s astounding how many entrepreneurs are growing, making, selling, cooking, and working together to bring their fare to this great city.

At home, each year I’m slowly discovering more things to grow in our soil and embracing being a crazy chicken lady. I’m learning to eat seasonally, and am working towards supporting growers and farmers who care about what goes into their food, and how it is raised. I also feel so blessed to be part of a large and diverse city, and that I can explore all the great coffee shops, markets, and restaurants here in Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

In this issue we’re digging in, and exploring what, and who is behind the culinary businesses featured in our magazine. We’re also sharing some delicious and simple seasonal recipes we’d love for you to try, and highlighting some of our favourite cozy spots in Edmonton.

We’re glad you’re here, and we hope you enjoy our inaugural issue!

Xo Heather

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