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Good Morning Honey | Eat Local Magazine 2018 | eatlocalmagazine.ca | Heather Muse

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Amber and Richard Ozero have built up a family business of keeping bees and producing some of the most mouth-watering honey around at Good Morning Honey. We’ve asked them a few questions to get to know more about their business.

  1. How did Good Morning Honey start? We see on your website that it’s family owned and operated, can you tell us a bit about that?

Good Morning Honey is owned and operated by Amber and Richard Ozero. We both worked in television news before becoming Beekeepers. Not your typical occupational transition! Richard grew up on a farm near Bonnyville and always wanted to return to something agriculturally based. Over the years we had a few sheep, chickens, pigs, geese, donkeys and cows on our farm but, Richard wanted to add some bees… so he bought 900 hives in 2011! We eventually sold all of the other livestock to focus on the growing the bee business. Good Morning Honey is now our full time business/life.

  1. Tell us a little bit about your process – How many hives do you have, when do you extract, and how much honey do you produce per season?

We have 3200 hives all over Parkland County. We work with about 100 farmers and land owners for access to fields and vast natural areas. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship since the farmer’s crops are pollinated as the bees collect the nectar. We extract honey from the middle of July to often the middle of September. In our region each hive can produce 80 to 100kg of honey depending on the weather.

  1. What products do you sell? Where can we get our hands on them? 

We sell creamed and liquid clover honey, dandelion honey, cinnamon honey, honeycomb, beeswax, bee pollen and propolis. All of our honey is raw, unpasteurized and unfiltered. We are at 124 St Grand Farmers Market, and Millwoods Farmers’ Market on Thursdays and at the Callingwood Farmers Market on Sundays. We are also in many stores in Stony Plain and Spruce Grove such as Wilhauk Beef Jerky, Home Grown Foods, Happy Acres U-Pick, Aspen Grove Nursery, Grove City Meats, The Edmonton Corn Maze and The Colombian Coffee Shop in Edmonton. You can also buy straight from our farm! 

Good Morning Honey | Eat Local Magazine 2018 | eatlocalmagazine.ca | Heather Muse

  1. What are the health benefits of your honey, pollen, and wax?

Unpasteurized honey is antibacterial and antimicrobial. It not only tastes delicious but it can help with sore throats, coughs, cuts and wounds, seasonal allergies and digestive issues. Bee Pollen is high in protein, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It’s great for energy because it contains such a high plant based protein. It’s great in smoothies, cereal, yogurt, salads or even straight up by the spoon full! Beeswax is used in cosmetics, lip balms, food wraps and of course candles.

  1. Why are you passionate about your business?

Philosophically it seems that the bees found us at the right time in our life. They have given us a deeper appreciation for nature and have taught us so much about relationships and the importance of community. Our entire summer is dedicated to making sure the bees are happy and healthy so that we can share with you the highest quality in each jar of Good Morning Honey. 

Visit Good Morning Honey online at www.goodmorninghoney.com

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