A Day in the Life of Sugared & Spiced

by Heather Muse


This article was originally published in Eat Local Magazine Issue 1 | Winter 2018 | Subscribe Here

Amy and Jeff Nachtigall are the husband and wife team behind Edmonton’s back alley bakery in the heart of Old Strathcona, Sugared and Spiced. Rear-10334 82 Avenue, Edmonton www.sugaredandspiced.ca

5:00am Amy heads to the gym, and Jeff resets the alarm to get another hour of sleep.

7:00am Amy gets home to pick up Jeff and say good bye to the kids before they head off to school.

7:15am At the shop, Jeff makes coffee and sets up the till while Amy checks in with staff who have started earlier in the morning. Amy spends some time reviewing details for today’s and tomorrow’s custom cake orders to make sure all the components are ready. Jeff tries to get control of the email inbox.

8:30am Time for a little bit of social media content creation; Jeff looks to Twitter to chime in on local issues, Amy takes a picture or two for Instagram.

9:00am Amy is in the kitchen, supervising daily production. The day’s selection of cookies, brownies, scones, tarts, and teacakes need to be ready for opening at 11. While staff put finishing touches on the daily items, Amy puts finishing touches on the custom orders that are scheduled for early pick up.

10:00am Jeff mops the tile up front and cleans the glass on the display case. Amy starts to set up the fresh product for the day and fills the refrigerated display with tarts and cheesecakes.

11:00am The shop opens, and Amy settles in to a few hours of cake production; making buttercream and curd, whipping meringue, and assembling and finishing cakes for pick up in the afternoon.

12 noon In between serving customers, Jeff updates the paper goods inventory list and places an order with the box and packaging supplier.

1:00pm Amy reviews the upcoming week’s orders to make decisions about how many more custom orders can be accepted.

2:00pm Jeff checks the phone messages and returns calls. When there are slow times in the front of the shop, upcoming cake and catering orders are added to the shared calendar.

3:00pm Amy puts a small test batch of cookies in the oven for possible inclusion in the next season’s line-up.

4:00pm Jeff plugs a delivery address into Google Maps to find the quickest route and heads out with a couple of cakes.

5:30pm End of day clean up – cleaning kitchen. Sanitize all kitchen surfaces, sweep and mop floors, turn off the lights and go home. Pack up unsold baked goods and take them down to the freezer for future donation to kids’ school lunch program.

6:20pm Turn out the lights and head home for the night.

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